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David Hazle Furniture - Welsh Dressers, Dutch Dressers and bookcases

Dressers and bookcases can be created in a large range of sizes, design and wood types to suit your home. Ideal for displaying treasured possessions such as display pottery, porcelain and trophies, or for simply storing every day items or books, a dresser or handmade bookcase can be a real asset to your home.

Detailed below are just a few examples of David's work. Why not contact David Hazle furniture to discuss your requirements today.

A typical dresser in waxed pine

A typical dresser in waxed pine, this unit has a rustic, farmhouse feel to it - with three cupboards and three drawers in the base, and with both glazed and open storage above offering plenty of space for both display and non-display items.

Units like this are ideal as free-standing kitchen furniture, or for displaying porcelain, pottery or books in either a living room or dining room. The choice of timber (e.g. reclaimed pine, fresh pine, oak, etc.) and the choice of hinges and handles can have a strong influence on the overall appearance of the dresser.

Fitted cupboards / bookshelves

Fitted bookshelf/storage units, these pieces of handmade furniture can be designed to make maximum use of the space available - the example shown allows its proud owner to display a sizeable book collection!

Painted pine is a very traditional, and cost effective finish. Choose from modern paints for a coordinated look in a contemporary setting, or from more tradional oil eggshells (e.g. the Farrow & Ball range) to create a look that will complement the oldest of properties.

Free-standing bookshelves

Bookshelves can be made to accomodate any size of book collection - or DVDs/CDs/collectables/etc. Left is a traditionally design unit with carved end panels, right, a lighter weight contemporary design.


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