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About David Hazle - Furniture Maker

David Hazle - Craftsman, Furniture Maker, Wood Turner

David Hazle has always had a talent for working with wood. At school, he excelled at woodworking, making practical items such as rabbit hutches, hen houses, trolleys.... He was, in fact, so keen that he still remembers getting into trouble as a boy for "borrowing" his dad's woodworking tools!

In the summer holidays spent with his grandparents, David's grandfather taught him how to turn and carve. During these holidays the young David learnt a great deal about wood and working it, and as he puts it himself, "the excitement of tree to furniture".

Such was his enthusiasm that when his grandfather died, David was fortunate enough to inherit all his tools - saws, planes and chisels - and his woodworking career had truly begun.

Initially working from a room in his parents' house in Matlock Bath, David set to work making carvings during the evenings after he came home from a long day's working on the farm.

By 1978 he had refurbished a large workshop and began making kitchens, doors, windows and stairs - and, of course, furniture. As David's skill and flair developed and his reputation grew, the order books swelled sufficiently to enable him to dedicate his time to the profession he enjoyed most - working with wood. Years of problem solving through carefully considered design, expert multi-tasking and thorough understanding of materials have now brought recognition for David in the form of numerous commissions for heritage restoration work for listed buildings and those in conservation areas.

To own a piece of furniture created by David Hazle is to own a timeless piece of bespoke, dedicated craftsmanship. David's passion for the beauty of timber, both old and new, and his knowledge and experience shine through in each individual piece. Designed both to last and to mellow beautifully through the years, David Hazle's furniture comes to you complete with a lifetime guarantee for your total peace of mind.

Whether it's that mellow pine country kitchen you always dreamed of, an intricately-carved Oak settle or a wooden vase turned from a burr uniquely shaped by Nature, David Hazle can turn the vision into reality for you.

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